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Powered by Blockchain technology: The cashback system wee, launches its own crypto currency and is changing the world.


The revolution of digital currencies is starting now.

In global payments, crypto currencies based on blockchain technology will become increasingly dominant. Our realistic goal is to create and establish the world’s first truly stable crypto currency for everyday use – and thus to launch a new era of payment systems around the world. As part of our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) we will expand our core brand as an innovative loyalty program: To create an organic network of paper money, crypto currency and cashback.

The cashback business takes it to a new level.

Our strategy: We are merging our successfully established cashback system with mobile payment and the immense
possibilities of blockchain technology. The wee marketplace is the perfect place for this. It synchronizes the virtual payment processes within our open system with payment transactions outside our own infrastructure. In turn, our users will be able to access the blockchain and gain easy access to our crypto currency. This will revolutionize the way they use crypto currencies in their everyday lives.

wee are real

How wee works

The weeNexx ICO

The wee marketplace

Our Vision

The operational plan for a quantum leap to the global blue chip begins with the transfer of the existing cashback business to the blockchain.
To this end, wee will first issue the weeICOToken (WIT) as part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The WIT can be purchased during the ICO and can be traded on various crypto exchanges after the ICO. It can only be found on the crypto exchange and is therefore speculative and volatile. After the conclusion of the ICO, participation in the community of the wee marketplace will only be possible for owners of WIT. This will inevitably expand the demand for WIT.
The second token is the weePayCoin (WPC), which serves as a stable coin for use in retail. 1:1 deposited with Euro, the weePayCoin will be the successor of today’s wee as a settlement unit after the ICO. The WPC is used in transactions, in practical terms for local retail purchases and online shopping.

Our history

wee connects the global world of online shopping to local retailers. Cashback collected when shopping online can only be redeemed by the customer when shopping locally, thus strengthening the local economy. Alternatively, the collected wee – can be converted 1:1 into the respective local currency – being transferred to the customer’s private account. Founded in 2014, wee now has a user base of more than 50,000 customers and over 18,000 offline and online merchants in 19 countries. The group currently has 75 permanent employees. In addition, around 50 service providers support us. The global team of external sales partners comprises more than 8,000 people.
By the end of 2019, we expect 500,000* customers, 30,000* conventional retailers and 1,300* operators of well-known online shops, including Lidl, Saturn, DocMorris, Rewe and TripAdvisor.

*estimated figures 2018/2019

Saturn Trip Advisor Doc Morris Nivea S.Oliver

Our goal

With the weePayCoin we will create the first stable crypto currency for everyday use.

The current situation

We have a vision of a fully decentralized future. However, today there are real financial obstacles that we need to overcome.
Fiat money is strictly controlled by government institutions. The spending money requires trust in a third party to ensure the value of the currency. Traditional banking systems are complex, expensive and require cumbersome onboarding processes. This gives innovative companies like us the opportunity to deliver new solutions.
The potential of decentralized accounts and crypto currencies has not yet been fully exploited as a payment solution. The gap between the crypto economy and established economies can be bridged with the right technology.
At the same time, traditional paper money systems such as the euro or the dollar are far from perfect. Their value is controlled and justified only by the strength of the countries that spend them.
In addition, most existing loyalty programs on the market are inflexible. They do not allow their users to exchange their rewards between different brands or stores or simply request a cash payout. This restriction makes it difficult for users to assess the real value of their points.

Problems? For us, the challenge is to solve them. We act.

Non-exchangeable loyalty points
With conventional loyalty and bonus programs, customers collect supposedly valuable discount points. wee is a more attractive and innovative alternative.

Discounts are often not what they appear to be and can be more or less useless. Consumers are frequently offered only a limited range of unattractive rewards. They certainly do not have the option of exchanging them for cash.
wee is replacing points with the new and stable crypto currency, the weePayCoin as a means of payment. With weePayCoins you can buy, sell, trade and save within and outside the wee marketplace – including payment of the balance in euro.

Slow adoption of crypto currencies for payments
The low level of acceptance of crypto currencies among retailers and the general public is largely due to incalculable volatility risks. However, wee creates a stable crypto currency with the weePayCoin.

The weePayCoin is pegged 1:1 to the euro. This is why we can guarantee the greatest possible stability even when our crypto currency is introduced.
The wee crypto currency has the best starting position to establish itself and assert itself worldwide: The use and staking of the weePayCoin is safe for users. The fear of a devaluation is unfounded.

Unestablished user base and missing MVP
Many financial services based on crypto currencies either under deliver or lack a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). wee already has a successful digital and physical infrastructure.

For wee, expanding the business by placing its own crypto currency is revolutionary, but comparatively low risk. The company has already invested almost three-digit million euros in the development and expansion of the digital and physical infrastructure for cashback transactions.
The weePayCoin is at the heart of the huge expansion of our existing business. As a means of payment, the “coin” remains consistently stable because it is directly pegged to the euro. In addition, the means of payment embedded in the blockchain technology gives us the platform to further develop our cashback system.
Our declared goal is to implement a liquid coin that will replace fiat currencies worldwide in real time for users as a stable value store.

The mass market is not being served
The acceptance of mobile payment varies across countries and continents due to different political and economic conditions. The wee platform creates both a strong push and pull effect with its crypto currency.

wee not only wants to target the more affluent middle class, but the broader market too. Our crypto currency offers the opportunity to integrate many people into cashless payment transactions. Worldwide, around 2.7 billion people do not have a conventional bank account. This excludes conventional money transfers via banks and the use of credit cards.
In the age of continuous digitalization of business and with smartphones central to the people’s lives, it’s easy to see why the public are drawn to digital innovations as they help improve their quality of life. With its products and services, the wee brand is highly attractive to retailers, online shops and end consumers.

Join us on our way to worldwide success!

The planet is surrounded by a global information network. Blockchain technology protects data. Era of artificial intelligence. Element of this image furnished by NASA
Step 1

The Blockchain Implementation

The success of the blockchain technology offers immense possibilities for the further development of our system. Until now, wee had to rely on complex and expensive banking systems to manage user accounts and transactions. This is both time consuming and inefficient.
By merging the cashback system with blockchain technology, and transforming the current technical base and business model, wee solves this problem – at minimal cost to users worldwide.
With the introduction of the weePayCoin (WPC) we will set new standards for how users handle crypto currencies. At the same time, we will set new standards for innovative blockchain applications. The future starts now.

Step 2

The future of financial services

Crypto currencies are susceptible to strong price fluctuations. “Stable coins” are not subject to high volatility. They promote trust and are a better investment because they are linked to known and stable assets.
The weePayCoin (WPC) is linked 1:1 to the euro. This gives wee customers the necessary stability and incentives to store and use the currency. They no longer have to worry about future devaluations. wee thus builds important brand loyalty.
As WPC reserves grow and sufficient liquidity is achieved, wee will also offer the community innovative new financial products in the form of savings, investment and credit products. wee will be a secure option for people who have been using a less stable paper money currency.
Connections system and global datas exchanges over the globe 3D rendering elements of this image furnished by NASA

The perfect solution

For the Crypto Exchange and the wee Marketplace: The weePayCoin and the weeICOToken

    weeICOToken (WIT)
    A New Star at the Crypto Exchange

    The WIT is issued as part of the ICO and later traded on the crypto exchange. It enables the transfer of the previous IT system into the blockchain.

  • According to the ICO, it will only be possible for traders and consumers to act on the wee marketplace with a defined amount of WIT held in the wallet. The growth online and offline automatically leads to an increasing demand for WIT.
  • In addition, the owners of WIT receive higher cashback discounts and additional VIP incentives.
  • Owners who keep their WIT in the long term also receive substantial access advantages for the use of the wee marketplace. We are happy to reward community members who believe in our vision and support the wee brand.
  • We motivate merchants to keep WIT in their wallet by significantly reducing their transaction fees and granting bonuses that can be used in virtual promotions as well as access to exclusive marketing campaigns.
  • With WIT, owners and users can also buy in secondary markets, as WIT will be listed on all relevant crypto currency exchanges.

    weePayCoin (WPC)
    The new star in the crypto sky

    As the new backbone of the wee Marketplace, the WPC is a currency token based on the Ethereum blockchain and fully pegged to the euro.

  • The stability of euro and WPC will be identical, as the WPC is 100 percent pegged to the euro as fiat currency and deposited with euro.
  • The WPC will be exchanged for euro on the wee marketplace at any time.
  • In the future, the WPC can be used as a payment system in hundreds of thousands of online and local acceptance points in the wee marketplace.
  • In future, the WPC can be used as a means of payment wherever someone has an ERC20 token-enabled wallet. Even with merchants who are not yet participants in the wee marketplace and are not acceptance points for wee.
  • The WPC is a wonderfully flexible means of exchange - it can be traded with other Ethereum tokens or exchanged for WIT.
  • For the security of all users of the wee marketplace, regular audits are carried out and published by a reputable, independent auditing company.
  • The WPC is the foundation for wee's crypto credit card as well as for groundbreaking future financial services.

The token sale

Why our offer is unique.

Under the umbrella of the Swiss company Swiss Fintec Invest AG; weeMarketplace AG, weePayment AG, weeTechAG and weeNexxAG are “architects” of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This new company has the unique know-how of a highly qualified team of experts consisting of internationally experienced specialists in blockchain technology, crypto currency pioneers and competencies in high finance, sales professionals and cashback experts.
Buyers of WIT will invest in wee’s activities, growth and vision. The funds raised by the ICO will be the fuel for wee’s rocket to help launch into a new era of financial services.
Once the ICO is complete, participation in the wee marketplace community will only be possible for WIT owners. This will increasingly increase the demand for the WIT. Incentives will also be created for WIT owners to buy, hold and use WIT. This strengthens the community and the network. All WIT owners will become VIP users who will benefit from the success and future of the company.


Token name weeICOToken
Ticker symbol WIT
Platform Ethereum
Token standard ERC20
Total amount WIT 20,000,000,000 WIT
Fundraising maximum approx. € 100,000,000
Fundraising minimum approx. € 10,000,000
Purchase price per WIT €0.01 = 1 WIT
Minimum purchase amount 50,000 WIT
Limitations information to follow
Unsold WIT remains in the wee portfolio


Private sale I & II Sold out
Private presale “Family & Friends” Early Q4 2018
Public presale Q4 2018 – Q3 2019
Public sale Q1 2019 – Q4 2019

Token distrubution - 20,000,000,000 Total WIT

Token distribution might be adjusted closer to the opening date of the public sale.

Category Value (WIT)
Public sale 2,000,000,000
Presale “Family & Friends” 2,000,000,000
Public presale 1,000,000,000
Private sale I 1,000,000,000
Private sale II 4,000,000,000
Reserve 7,500,000,000
Advisory 1.000,000,000
Team 500,000,000
Bounty 500,000,000
Airdrop / Incentive
for existing community
WIT total 20,000,000,000
  • Reserve 37%

  • Public sale 10%

  • Private presale "Family & Friends" 10%

  • Public presale 5%

  • Private sale I 5%

  • Private sale II 20%

  • Advisory 5%

  • Team 3%

  • Bounty 3%

  • Airdrop / Incentive for existing community 3%

  • Marketing and business development 50%

  • Business operations 30%

  • Platform development 15%

  • Legal and consulting 5%

Use of funds

Category % Note
Platform Development 15% Decreasing with scale of investment
Marketing, Business Development 50% Increasing with scale of investment
Operations 30% Decreasing due to economies of scale
Legal & Advisory 5%


Project evaluation and preparation
Q1-Q3 2018
Private presale opens Finishing strategic and legal documents and technical setup for ICO
Q2 2018
Start of private presale „Family & Friends“
Q4 2018
Start public presale
Q3 2019
Start of public sale
Q4 2019
Migration Start of migration of current business model to the blockchain
Q1 2020
Start of weePayCoin Start of weePayCoin implementation. WIT will be listed on first exchanges
Q2 2020
Expansion to Europe Scheduled start of significant expansion into Western Europe and other regions. WIT is planned to be listed on most major exchanges
3rd party loyalty programs wee platform will introduce interfaces to 3rd party loyalty programs. Applications for requested licenses to enable the future offering of various financial services to be submitted.
Q3 2020
Expansion to Asia, Africa and the Americas Planned expansion to Asia, Africa and the Americas. Own bank license estimated to be received. Sophisticated usage of smart data as the key driver for further business development
Q1-Q3 2018
Project Evaluation and Preparation
Q4 2018 - Q1 2019
Start of Private PreSale „Family & Friends“
Q4 2019
Start of PublicSale
Q2 2018
Private Sale opens. Finishing strategic and legal documents and technical setup for ICO
Q3 2019
Start Public PreSale
Q1 2020
Start of migration of current business model to the blockchain
Q3 2020
Scheduled start of significant expansion into Western Europe and other regions. WIT is planned to be listed on most major exchanges
Planed expansion to Asia, Africa and the US. Own bank license estimated to be received. Sophisticated usage of smart data as the key driver for further business development
Q2 20120
Start of weePayCoin implementation WIT will be listed on first exchanges
Q3 2020
wee platform will introduce interfaces to 3rd party loyalty programs. Applications for requested licenses to enable the future offering of various financial services to be submitted

Crypto exchanges

It is wee’s goal to complete the listing on important crypto exchanges quickly after the end of the ICO. Initial discussions on crypto exchange listings will take place with the following potential partners:


We are the architects of the ICO of weeNexx and the strategists for the expansion of the wee marketplace. We individually have years of experience and collaborate as a team to deliver this wonderful opportunity. Our goal is to make the wee brand shine even more! To successfully implement our common vision worldwide. For this we give – each individual in his field of competence – the best.


  • anders_mathis

    Anders Mathis

    Consultant for financial and business planning

    Anders Mathis

    Consultant for financial and business planning

wee starts its own crypto currency

From Cashback to a New Era of Financial Opportunities with Blockchain Technology

global. local. wee.

Join us on our journey into a new financial future.
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Private presale “Family & Friends” coming soon!